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Dec 06 2018 Elixinol Global set to benefit from nearing of US Farm Bill legislation
Dec 06 2018 US Farm Bill set to legalise and commercialise industrial hemp
Dec 06 2018 Hemp’s cognitive help: Elixinol’s supplements finding favour amongst Japanese consumers
Nov 27 2018 News.com.au – Cannabis expert says we’re just scratching the surface in unlocking the plant’s potential
Oct 31 2018 Business News Australia reports on Elixinol Global’s strong 3Q FY2018 results
Oct 29 2018 New Cannabis Ventures reports on Elixinol Global’s 3Q FY2018 revenue growth
Oct 2018 CFN Media Interviews Elixinol’s Director of Business Development, Ruben Gonzales
08 Oct 2018 The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the ‘hemp boom’ in Australia and features an interview with EXL CEO Paul Benhaim
28 Sep 2018 New Cannabis Ventures says Elixinol Global raises A$40 million to expand global CBD operations
20 Sep 2018 CommSec TV: Executive Series interview with Elixinol Global’s CEO, Paul Benhaim
15 Sep 2018 Elixinol Global is the sleeping giant of the Hemp Market reports The Green Fund
14 Sep 2018 Elixinol Global featured in Biotech Daily’s weekly column ‘Dr Boreham’s Crucible’  
13 Sep 2018 “Hemp is hot” and Elixinol Global is positioned to take full advantage
05 Sep 2018 Stockhead reports Elixinol Global is one of the world’s top cannabis companies
04 Sep 2018 Elixinol Global listed as the only ASX cannabis stock making a profit following its 1H FY2018 results
29 Aug 2018 Elixinol Global doubles in size since ASX debut reports Small Caps




Corporate Office:

Level 6, 50 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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Level 12, 680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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PO Box 20547, World Square NSW 2002